In the 1990s, potential customers were encouraged to wrap themselves in warmth, as Lishman’s knits were increasingly recognized worldwide.

Lishman's production studio was in full swing as Paula’s designs continued to evolve. Every collection featured new colours, as well as innovative knitting and crochet techniques. The honeycomb knitting technique was introduced, producing a lighter weight knit fur and cotton fabric, perfect for warmer climates.

1 - Starburst - One of Paula’s personal favourites, shaped with wedges of fur and cotton, it has been similarly appreciated by Lishman's customers over the years.

2 - Variation of the Starburst, with all fur - This dramatic photo was shot on the set for the 1990 3D Imax film, The Last Buffalo, filmed at the Lishman home.

3 - Flower - The 1993 catalogue featured some excellent studio photography – vibrant colours with a sense of humour.

4 - Woven coat with pelted border - To entice the more traditional customer, we bordered a flowing knit body with cabled pelting.

5 - Capelets - Paula’s experiments with crochet techniques led to the creation of these exquisite swirling capelets featured in the 1993 collection.

6 - Argyle - Lishman's knitting techniques allow for both classic and modern design, incorporating colour and geometry in new ways. This argyle was a modern interpretation of a classic pattern.

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