Propelling fashion forward, Lishman’s unique designs continue to lead the way in the knit fur revolution.

Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery - and now that knit fur is a product category, imitators abound. Still, There are no substitutes for Paula's innovative design vision and the years of experience of the artisans who create the garments. Paula's continuing dedication to quality and innovation ensures that Lishman garments will continue to be fashionable, classic, and of the best quality and construction in this expanding market.

In 2000 Paula won the Marice memorial Furrier of the Year Award. She demonstrates her commitment to the Canadian fur industry by maintaining her position as president of the Fur Council of Canada since 2000.

1 - Raw - Proving that fur garments are not just for the mature woman, this garment reflects a youthful fashion vibe in yet another Vogue ad (created in conjunction with the Fur Council of Canada).

2 - Ring Shawl - This is Paula's favourite hands-free shawl, shown in paprika sheared beaver.

3 - Geisha - Appealing to the understated elegance of the discerning woman, this butterscotch, sheared beaver jacket with pelted mink collar, was featured in a Town and Country magazine ad in 2002.

4 - Himalaya - This sumptuous, long, slimming coat with a grooved raccoon tuxedo front, was a highlight of our 2002 collection.

5 - Layla - This white mink collar and matching mink pinstripe detail, added a touch of class to a new blazer shape.

6 - Broken Tile - Selected vibrant colours of pelt were stitched together and used on the collar and cuff of this city jacket.

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