Between 1984 and 1989, Paula Lishman's knits began to gain in popularity. Paula moved the business out of her basement studio and into a converted historic schoolhouse in the small Ontario, Canada Village of Blackstock. She then hired local women to assist with full-scale production.

During these years Lishman's techniques evolved substantially, and the company began using knitting machines to weave the fur. Paula's designs underwent a similar metamorphosis as well: she came up with many classic styles that are still ordered today.

1 & 2 - Niagara Falls is an internationally recognized, Canadian natural wonder, and was used as a backdrop to highlight the beauty of Lishman knit fur garments.

3 & 4 - The Autumn 1989 catalogue shoot featured vibrant colour blends and a sporty active image. Paula's daughter Carmen is wearing a multi-coloured poncho.

5 - Furscapes and Autohenge - Lishman's unique knitting technique allows for multi-dimensional texturing and colour blending, as featured in the Furscapes Collection from 1988. Bill Lishman's Autohenge is in the background, adding to the drama of these pieces.

6 - 1985 - Love those shoulder pads! Truly chic 80s styles from our 1985 catalogue.

7 - Native artist David Johnson of Curve Lake, Ontario provided the backdrop for the 1987 catalogue. Pictured are some great beaver pieces trimmed with chinchilla and fox.

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