The Designer - Paula Lishman

As CEO and President of Paula Lishman Limited, Paula has become a highly successful, innovative, and daring international designer. Paula's designs can be seen on the fashion runways of North America, Europe, China and Japan.

As a designer, manufacturer, and retailer, Paula pioneered the innovative process of manufacturing a fur yarn which, when knit or woven, creates a double-faced "fur fabric" unparalleled in appearance and comfort -- fur inside and out!

Through her creation of knit fur, Paula has established a “niche” in the fur industry. Knit fur, with its unique look and feel, is the fashionable fur choice of contemporary, active people. The category of knit fur is accountable for approximately 10% of the worldwide sales of fur garments and accessories.

Paula actively promotes an environmentally aware attitude towards fur. The fur used in her creations is taken in harmony with the natural checks and balances of nature, supporting people who choose to live on the land.

Enjoying 25 years in business, Paula has received many honours. In 1995, she was chosen Canadian Woman Entrepreneur of the Year in the category of International Competitiveness, and in 1996, won the Oshawa Clarington Business of the Year Award for businesses over 20 employees. Paula has also been named one of the top 100 Canadian Woman Entrepreneurs by both Chatelaine and the Canadian Business Magazine. In May 2000, Paula was the first woman to receive the Maurice Memorial Award, presented by the Canadian Fur Trade for outstanding contribution to the industry. Paula is currently the President of the Fur Council of Canada.

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